The Shire BRAVE Awards Initiative

Saluting Everyday Heroes: The Shire BRAVE Awards Initiative

The Shire BRAVE Awards is a global initiative established to acknowledge and celebrate informal caregivers’ relentless dedication and fortitude. These awards are founded by Shire Pharmaceuticals, a leading specialty biopharmaceutical firm, and pay tribute to everyday champions who consistently offer care to another person.

A Tribute to the Selfless: The Shire BRAVE Awards

Initiated in 2011, the Shire BRAVE Awards were designed to bring attention to the frequently undervalued efforts of informal caregivers. These individuals devote their time, support, and empathy to care for a family member, neighbour, or friend without receiving any financial compensation. The awards seek to emphasize the critical role caregivers play in the lives of others and applaud their dedication and selflessness.

A Tribute to the Selfless: The Shire BRAVE Awards

Nominating and Selecting Caregivers

Nominations for the Shire BRAVE Awards can be submitted through the official website at Anyone can propose a caregiver they believe deserves recognition by filling out the online nomination form and describing the caregiver’s journey.

The selection procedure for the Shire BRAVE Awards involves a panel of Shire employees and external representatives who choose the finalists. Shire’s worldwide team of 4,700 employees is invited to select up to ten winners from the pool of eligible finalists through an online voting platform.

Shire BRAVE Awards winners are awarded $10,000 USD or an equivalent in local currency as a gesture of gratitude for their selfless contributions.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Shire BRAVE Awards, caregivers must:

  1. Offer consistent care for individuals who cannot care for themselves due to health problems, injuries, or other unique circumstances.
  2. Not be a professional healthcare provider or receive official compensation for their caregiving efforts.
  3. Be a relative, neighbour, or friend of the person receiving care.
  4. Be at least 18 years old as of the nomination cutoff date.

In its first year, the Shire BRAVE Awards were open to suitable nominees in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Eligibility Requirements

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Embodying Shire’s BRAVE Principles

The Shire BRAVE Awards represent the company’s BRAVE principles, which inspire employees and partners to act with integrity, develop innovative solutions, respond to the needs of others, aim for constant improvement, and demonstrate trust and openness through collaboration.

Conclusion: Shire BRAVE Awards

The Shire BRAVE Awards serve as a strong reminder of the indispensable role informal caregivers play in the lives of others. By recognizing their efforts and sharing their stories, these awards strive to raise awareness about caregivers’ crucial contributions to society and offer them the right appreciation they deserve.


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