UltraLite 480 Portable Mobility Scooter Review

UltraLite 480 Portable Mobility Scooter


  • Manufacturer: Electric Mobility
  • Portability: Dismantles quickly and easily for car boot transport
  • Weight: Total weight 41 kg; heaviest piece 13 kg
  • Dimensions: 40″ long, 20″ wide
  • Ground clearance: 2″
  • Batteries: 2x12Ah
  • Maximum capacity: 21 stone (135kg)
  • Maximum range: Up to 8 miles
  • Maximum Speed: 4mph

Rascal UltraLite 480 Review :

UltraLite 480 Portable Mobility Scooter-

The UltraLite 480 Portable Mobility Scooter is an excellent all-round choice. Stable, comfortable, reliable, and travel ready, it offers the mobility you need and the portability you want at a price you’ll like.

UltraLite 480 : Size, Maneuverability, & Ride

The UltraLite 480 is small enough to be exceptionally maneuverable but its 4-wheel base makes it extremely stable. It corners well and the steering is responsive, so it’s good in tight spaces.

It provides very comfortable transport on most surfaces and even on rough surfaces the padded seat does an admirable job of minimising rider jarring.

It excels on the sidewalk, in a shopping mall, or traversing a car park.

UltraLite 480 : Comfort & Accessibility

UltraLite 480 Portable Mobility Scooter - Easy to dissemble.

This scooter is engineered for accessibility. The fully-padded seat has detachable armrests and it swivels to make getting on and off easier.

The base is long enough to provide plenty of legroom, and the control panel is simple and clearly illustrated. The lever controls are sensitive and easy to operate, a must for users with arthritic hands.

UltraLite 480 : Battery & Capacity

The UltraLite 480 will accommodate up to 136kgs / 21 stone, though at maximum capacity it does slow down slightly when traveling up slopes.

It has a range of at least 8 miles between battery charges and the battery meter is clearly visible so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.

The battery can be charged onboard or off, and a complete charge takes about 6 hours.

UltraLite 480 : Portability

The UltraLite 480 is very portable, breaking down in seconds to a compact size that can easily be transported in a car boot or stored in a very small space.

It can even be stored vertically if necessary. Dismantling the scooter is very simple and all the segments are light enough to be easily lifted by one person.

View the Ultralite being packed in to a car boot

The bottom line:

If you’re looking for convenience and reliability you can’t do better than the UltraLite 480. This compact scooter is small enough for excellent portability but provides big benefits at an affordable price.

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8.5 Total Score

Ease of handling
Using controls
Control and manoeuvrability
Ride quality
Ease of charging battery
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