Pride Maxima Scooter Review

Pride Maxima Scooter Review

Top Pick in Premium Price Range

Scooter Classification:

The Pride Maxima is designated as a Class 2 pavement scooter, which means it has a top speed of 4 mph and may be driven on walkways but cannot be legally driven on roadways. It does not have to be registered or insured, and the operator does not have to be a licensed driver.

Product : Maxima Mobility Scooter

  • Length: 119 cm (47″)
  • Width: 71 cm (28″) at armrest
  • Height: 94 cm (37″)
  • Seat width: 56 cm (22″)
  • Ground clearance: 8.25 cm (3.25″)
  • Total weight excluding batteries: 3-wheel model, 84 kgs; 4-wheel model , 87 kgs
  • Battery weight: 17 kgs each
  • Battery: 2 x 12 volt Size 50 Amp
  • Maximum Range: 15 miles
  • Maximum Speed: 4 mph
  • Maximum user weight: 35.7 stone (227 kg)
  • Tyres: 4 x solid puncture proof tyres, front 10″ and rear 12″
  • Ground clearance: 8.25 cm (3.25″)
  • Turning radius: 137 cm (54″)
  • Safe Climbing Angle: 8 degrees
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 6 degrees
  • Colours available: Candy Apple Red or Viper Blue

The Maxima mobility scooter by Pride Mobility Products is a unique class 2 pavement scooter. It’s designed with the bariatric market in mind but anyone interested comfort, power, and performance will appreciate its careful engineering and top-quality construction.

The Maxima is a much-needed evolution in mobility scooters, and with a price of about £2,500 it’s our pick for best value among class 2 pavement scooters in the premium price range.

The Maxima fills a very real and ever-increasing need in the class 2 pavement mobility scooter market. A significant percentage of mobility scooter users need special accommodation for size and weight and this model fills the brief admirably; everything about the Maxima, from the extra-wide, extra-deep seat to the ultra heavy-duty drivetrain, is designed with the needs of the user in mind.

The Maxima definitely delivers the comfort, accessibility and style that users want along with the kind of safety, performance and reliability for which Pride Mobility is famous.

Like all class 2 pavement scooters, the Maxima is meant to be used by operators who have some independent mobility but find walking difficult or exhausting. Though it’s designed primarily for outdoor use and can easily handle the bumps, slopes and gradients of sidewalks, pavements and walkways, it’s quiet, smooth, and maneuverable enough to work very well indoors as well.

What makes this scooter different?

indexThe Maxima has been designed and built from the ground up with one goal in mind: to serve the user who needs extra room, extra comfort, and extra power.

The most immediate difference between it and other class 2 pavement scooters is the Maxima’s 35.7 stone (227 kg) maximum weight capacity, which is double that of most pavement scooters.

In addition, the Maxima features an upgraded electronics package and ultra heavy-duty drivetrain with 110 amp controller for maximum power. It has a rear-wheel drive, a sealed transaxle drive system with 24-volt DC motor, and a regenerative and electromechanical dual braking system.

The Maxima is available in either three-wheel or four-wheel configuration. The three-wheel model has rear suspension and the four-wheel version has both front and rear suspension. Solid tyres eliminate the possibility of punctures.

But the mechanical aspect is only one of the ways in which this mobility scooter is unique; real attention to the needs of the user and concern for user comfort truly sets the Maxima apart from the rest. The deluxe contoured medium-back seat measures a roomy 22” and swivels for easy access. The tiller adjusts quickly for height and reach.

A deep high-capacity front basket comes standard and users can customize their Maxima with an extensive range of optional accessories, including a weather-proof topper, saddlebag, and holders for cell phones, walkers, crutches,oxygen tanks, and a variety of canes.

What this scooter does best

The Maxima is an excellent all-round everyday pavement scooter that truly excels at restoring independence, freedom, and the pleasures of an active life to users who need more room and more power than other class 2 mobility scooters provide.

Engineered to give a smooth and comfortable ride on sidewalks, pavement, and walkways , it also has the stability and ground clearance to travel safely over grass, gravel, or other uneven surfaces.

Its 15 mile maximum distance between charges gives plenty of travel time for shopping trips, visiting, and other everyday activities.

A highly visible, easy to read battery meter keeps the operator clear on how much charge is available, and a full lighting system comes standard for safe travel after dark. The scooter uses two sealed, maintenance free 12-volt, deep-cycle batteries that are recharged by an off-board charging system.

What it doesn’t do

The Maxima is designated as a class 2 pavement scooter and cannot be legally operated on roadways.

The Maxima can travel over uneven and unpaved surfaces but is not meant for steep slopes or gradients or extremely rough terrain

It can be dismantled to some extent for storage or transport but cannot be considered a portable scooter.

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8.5 Total Score
The Bottom Line

The Maxima is a versatile, highly capable class 2 pavement scooter that's ideal for everyday use. It caters specifically to the needs of large or heavy users but anyone who wants comfort and power will appreciate its outstanding engineering, user-oriented design, and rugged construction.

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