Best Bath Lifts and Hoists

Best Bath Lifts and Hoists : Updated 2024 Reviews

Bathing can be one of life’s biggest challenges for the elderly, and as mobility decreases, the difficulty and danger of getting into and out of the bath increases.

Bath lifts and hoists are complex assistive devices that can make bathing easier, safer, and more convenient even for people with little to no independent mobility.

Simple bath seats are a useful and affordable option for many people with limited strength or flexibility, but they aren’t practical for those whose mobility is seriously impaired.

Users with severe mobility issues may require the additional support, security, and assistance that a bath lift or hoist provides.

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Bath lifts and bath hoists do the same job,……. but there are some major differences to consider:

  • How they work: bath lifts raise and lower the user from beneath while bath hoists raise and lower the user from above.
  • Portability/installation: bath lifts may be either fixed or moveable, and most require no installation. In contrast, bath hoists are generally affixed to the floor next to the bath and must be professionally installed.
  • Space requirements: many bath lift models are relatively compact and can be used in almost any bathroom, but bath hoists all require a certain amount of space to operate and may not be suitable for all bathrooms.
  • Suitability for independent use: many people find that a bath lift allows them to bathe independently. Still, people with diminished mobility might find it difficult or impossible to use a bath hoist without help.
  • Cost: bath lifts are generally less expensive than bath hoists.

Whether you’re considering a bath lift or a bath hoist, it’s crucial to plan the purchase carefully. Measure the bathroom and the interior of the bathtub to make sure there’s enough space to accommodate the device.

If you’re considering a bath hoist, be sure there’s room for both the user and a caregiver to function comfortably in the bathroom with the device in place. It’s also essential to have grab bars securely installed at appropriate locations to provide security and stability.

View our recommended products in the four main categories of bath lifts:

Bath Lift Basics

Removeable Bath Lifts

Removable bath lifts are the next step up from a simple bath chair. Though lifts of this type are more expensive than bath chairs, they’re significantly less costly than bath hoists, and users who have some mobility may find that a removable lift provides all the assistance needed to get into and out of the bath comfortably and safely.

Because removable lifts can be taken out of the bath when necessary, they’re an excellent choice for users who share a bath with others.

Motorized removable bath lifts

Motorized removable bath lifts are sturdy seats of heavy-duty plastic or resin mounted on a platform affixed to the bottom of the bathtub with suction cups. The seat is raised or lowered with a battery-powered handset that controls hinged supports.

To get into the bath, the user raises the seat to the level of the rim and sits down. Pressing a button on the handset lowers the seat into the water, and when the user is done bathing, another button press raises the seatback to the level of the rim.

NRS Healthcare Orca Bath Lift (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

£404.29  in stock
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


  • Comfortable and safe bath lift gives plenty of leg room and good immersion in the bath
  • High backrest provides good postural support whether upright or reclined
  • Two part construction – foldaway design
  • large suction cups ensure bath lift remains secure even on dimpled bath surfaces
  • Side flaps for easy transfers

Popular and well-reviewed motorized bath lifts include the NRS Healthcare Orca Bath Lift, which features a high back for maximum stability and is designed to allow the user to enjoy full immersion in the water.

This model is compact and easy to fold for portability, and the back can be adjusted to allow the user to relax and recline in the bath. With a maximum capacity of 20 stone and a price tag of less than £200, this model is an excellent value.

NEW Bellavita Lightweight Compact & Portable Bath Lift Bathing Aid Assistant

£265.90  in stock
2 new from £265.90
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


EAN List5052157008465; 5052157008472
Legal DisclaimerPLEASE NOTE : Product is listed as ex VAT – the buyer will be required to provide the users name and their chronic illness or medical condition for VAT relief purchases before dispatch. If this is not provided we are legally required to charge VAT.
Package Quantity1
Part NumberBA8053
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
TitleNEW Bellavita Lightweight Compact & Portable Bath Lift Bathing Aid Assistant

Another popular bath lift in the £200, 20-stone range is the Bellavita Lightweight Compact & Portable Bath Lift Bathing Aid Assistant. Weighing in at just 9.3 kgs, this model is very light and easy to handle, and it has a shallow seat height of just 6 cm to allow for luxurious complete immersion.

It’s held in place with four quick-release suction cups and can easily dismantle for storage or transportation. This model also features a floating waterproof handset control.

Patterson Medical Bathlift Bathmaster Deltis with Cover, Blue (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

 in stock
5 new from £259.42
1 used from £195.00
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


  • Bath lift makes it easier to get in and out of the bath tub, fits most tubs
  • Includes bathmaster deltis bathlift, blue covers and floating remote, the entire unit is waterproof, UK version
  • Separates into two parts for easier lifting and carrying, high quality materials and construction offer safety and comfort with no servicing required
  • Helpful for the elderly, disabled, handicapped and others who need assistance when bathing
  • The all plastic construction is easy to clean and free from corrosion

An excellent choice for larger or heavier users is the Bathlift Bathmaster Deltis Heavy Duty UK, which accommodates up to 26.75 stone.

Made from high-performance plastic, this lift is surprisingly lightweight at just 13 kg, and it separates into two pieces for easy storage or transport. The Bathmaster Deltis Heavy Duty costs just under £450.

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Inflatable Bath Lifts

Inflatable Bath Lifts are inflatable seats operated with a handset-controlled electric pump. The user places the lift in the bath and inflates it so that the seat is level with the tub’s rim.

The user then sits on the seat and presses a button on the controller to deflate the unit, which lowers the user into the water. When the user is done bathing, another touch of a button reinflates the seat, raising it to the level of the bathtub rim for an easy exit.

This lift is very lightweight and compact when deflated, making it easy to move, transport, or store. Many users say they particularly appreciate inflatable lifts that deflate to total flatness, making it easy to be fully immersed in the bathwater.

Homecraft Bathlift Bathing Cushion

£583.33  in stock
2 new from £583.33
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


  • Bathing Cushion is simple to use, it easily lowers the user gently to the bottom of the bath
  • Create a comfortable and supportive backrest by leaving minimal air in the cushion or take all the air out for a comfortable position to bathe as normal
  • UK version, offers increased stability and comfort for the patient when bathing, reinflate after bathing to bring user up and level with top of bath
  • Extremely portable, fits into most standard bath tubs, ideal to take when travelling, inflated height 40 cm, deflated seat weight 2 cm, width 58 cm
  • Bathing cushion is easy to set up and take down, inflating in seconds using an air compressor, maximum user weight 153 kg (24 st)

A very popular and well-reviewed inflatable bath lift is the Homecraft Bath Lift Bathing Cushion by Patterson Medical, which costs just under £400. This model features an inflatable backrest for comfort, a quiet, powerful compressor, and a pushbutton handset.

The Homecraft Bath Lift Bathing Cushion is made of durable heavy-gauge material designed for fast, tool-free setup or removal in minutes. The lift is rated for users weighing up to 150 kg.

Mangar Bathing Cushion with Airflo

£574.99  in stock
3 new from £574.98
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


BindingPersonal Care
Catalog Number ListCatalog Number List Element: BA01007.SLV
EAN ListEAN List Element: 5055671169254
Item DimensionsHeight: 1575; Length: 1750; Weight: 450; Width: 2300
Legal DisclaimerThe ReliMobility team can help you with your VAT relief. Due to the nature of products, the majority of prices shown are without VAT (excluding VAT). To purchase an item at the ex. VAT price you will need to provide us with the name of the user of the item and the long term medical condition or chronic illness that the user has. We may contact you once your order has been placed to obtain this information or you can send us an amazon message with your information. You can also make a declaration in the notes section during checkout, through an Amazon message or email it to [email protected]. If you have any doubts about your qualification for VAT relief please call us on 0800 112 0074 and we will be happy to help. We cannot dispatch any product without this information. Please note that we obtain the VAT Relief purely for our own records
Package DimensionsHeight: 709; Length: 1606; Weight: 1490; Width: 1236
Package Quantity1
Part NumberMPCA030600
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
TitleMangar Bathing Cushion with Airflo

Another highly recommended inflatable bath lift is the Mangar Bathing Cushion, which costs just under £500. This model has a maximum capacity of 23 stone, and the seat measures 58 cm wide by 44 cm deep, but the unit is very lightweight at just 2 kg. A unique safety feature prevents users from being stranded in the bath by only allowing the seat to be deflated if there is sufficient charge in the battery-operated pump to reinflate it again. The cushion can be deflated to within 2 cm of the bottom of the bath for total relaxing immersion. Still, users can also choose to let some air remain in the cushion to provide a comfortable and supportive backrest.

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Fixed Bath Lifts

Bath Hoist
Fixed Bath Lifts are less common than movable models, and as the name implies, they are permanently affixed to the bathroom structure and cannot be easily moved. Sometimes referred to as belt or band lifts, fixed bath lifts use a large fabric band on a roller to raise and lower the user.

One end of the band is attached to the motorized roller unit, affixed to the wall next to the bath. The other end of the band slots into a separate unit attached to the floor on the other side of the bath so that the band lies across the tub’s width.

To enter the bath, the user sits on the band and presses a button on a hand control pad, which eases the tension on the band and lowers the user into the water. A second button press tightens the band, raising the user out of the water to exit the bath.

The ultimate mobility Bath Lift

£865.00  in stock
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


  • Brand new good quality belt bath lift
  • Safe and easy to use bathing aid for that extra help getting in and out of the bath
  • Full one year UK guarantee with a second-to-none after sales service
  • A modern, superior belt bath lift at a sensible price

One of the most popular and well-reviewed band bath lifts is the Mobility Bath Lift, which costs about £560 and comes with a 24-volt rechargeable battery pack, battery charger, and remote control. This model also features a water temperature indicator and battery recharging indicator.

Relaxa Belt Bath Lift by Relaxa

 out of stock
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


BindingPersonal Care
LabelMobility Smart
Legal DisclaimerPlease Note Price includes VAT, upon order being placed we will email you for VAT Exemption, once this form is completed we will refund the VAT back to you.
ManufacturerMobility Smart
Package Quantity1
Part Number7846879
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
PublisherMobility Smart
StudioMobility Smart
TitleRelaxa Belt Bath Lift by Relaxa

While professional installation is indicated for people with little home repair experience, users have noted that the unit can be safely and quickly installed by someone with average DIY skills and expertise. Another popular option is the Relaxa Blet Bath lift, which has a thermometer to test water temperature and a strong 24-volt battery.

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Bath Hoists For Maximum Assistance

Bath Hoist

Bath hoists, which raise the user from above rather than lifting them from beneath, maybe the answer for users whose mobility is seriously impaired. They’re considerably more expensive than lifts, generally costing between £1200 and £4000, but they’re particularly useful for those who can’t raise their legs to swivel into the bath.

Bath hoists are permanently affixed units that require professional installation. Most hoists designed for home use are floor-mounted and consist of a swivel seat or sling attached to a pole that slots vertically into a heavy-duty base plate affixed to the floor next to the bath. The user is positioned in the seat, which is then raised and swivelled so that it’s over the bath. The user is then lowered into the bath, and the process is reversed when the bath is over.

Bath hoists are available in both manual and powered versions. Manual hoists require a second person to wind a handle to raise and lower the seat. In contrast, powered hoists controlled with a remote handset are raised and lowered either by rechargeable batteries or electricity. These devices definitely take more room than lifts and may not be suitable for every bathroom, so measure carefully before buying.

Bathlift Oxford Mermaid Electric Powered Hoist Column

 out of stock
as of July 19, 2024 12:00 pm


  • It is a fixed bath side hoist
  • Enables patients to safely transfer in and out of the bath
  • Available as either an electric or mechanical version
  • It can be mounted onto either a wooden or concrete floor with the fixings provided
  • A retro fit electric kit is also available to convert the manual hoist to an electronically powered hoist

The Oxford Mermaid Hoist Column is a well-respected and widely used home bath hoist, available in both electric powered and mechanical models and priced from £1200 to £1600. This hoist is mounted beside the bath and can be attached to either wood or concrete floors.

Like all hoist devices, this model requires professional installation and sufficient space for operation must be allowed, so measure your bath carefully. The height to base of seat is 140 to 740 mm, and an extension kit is available to raise the column by an additional 75 mm. Maximum seat travel is 485 mm, and seat size 450 mm by 410 mm. The recommended clearance from mast 1000 mm.


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